We are very proud of our skaters for their accomplishments!

Did you recently pass a test or medal at a competition? Want to be featured on this page? Email us at (Please note: you must have been a Windy City member at the time of the test.)


Senior Moves in the Field
Elise Borreli (2021)
Belle Cassidy (2011)
Veronica Chudoba (2022)
Gabriella Coscioni (2018)
Lillian Eiger (2012)
Sara Grostern (2019)
Rebecca Holleb (2016)
Isabel Leadbeater (2014)
Naomi Leadbeater (2017)
Ava Lee (2022)
Eli Lichstein (2022)
Anya Lowe (2021)
Nola Mandell (2022)
Ryder Moses-Kessler (2009)
Carly Munoz (2016)
Michelle Murphy (2019)
Grace Nelson (2019)
Ella Pesch (2022)
Elizabeth Schmidt (2010)
Grace Trudeau (2017)
Hope Werstler (2018)
Erika White (2016)
Chloe Wong (2022)
Jinghan Zhao (2022)

Adult Gold Moves in the Field
Karen Goedert (2011)
Kathleen Klaus (2007)
James Ringstand (2010)
Michael Schlautman (2008)

Senior Free Dance
Christopher Hyland (1995)
Erika White (1995)

Senior Solo Free Dance
Isabel Leadbeater (2017)
Naomi Leadbeater (2019)
Carly Munoz (2017)
Hope Werstler (2019)

Adult Gold Free Dance
Michael Schlautman (2022)

Gold Dance
Shaheen Bronkowski (2014)
Christopher Hyland (1984)
Penny Knuth (1990)
Naomi Leadbeater (2019)
Amar Mehta (2016)
Carly Munoz (2017)
Maria Reynolds (1999)
Stephanie Rydecki (2022)
Hope Werstler (2019)
Erika White (1989)

Gold Solo Dance
Michelle Murphy (2021)
Grace Trudeau (2020)

Senior Free Skate
Alan Berger (2006)
Rebecca Holleb (2016)

Adult Gold Free Skate
Dana Ginsburg (2001)
Bev Thurber (2006)  

Adult Gold Figures
Bev Thurber (2022)


December 2022: Dance tests
Emilia Araya: Hickory Hoedown
Jenny Chen: Solo American Waltz,
Solo Tango, and Solo Silver Dance Test
Nola Mandell: Solo Quickstep
Julianna Peebles: Fiesta Tango
Olivia Prowse: Fiesta Tango
Sakura Sodergren: Solo Fiesta Tango
Robyn Tantleff: Solo Rhythm Blues and Solo Preliminary Dance Test
Clodagh Veale: Solo Cha Cha
Chloe Wong: Solo Rocker Foxtrot and Solo
American Waltz
Maja Zec: Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, and Preliminary Dance Test

December 2022: MITF tests
Simona Arsic: Pre-Juvenile MITF
Zosia Babinski: Pre-Preliminary MITF
Elle Chen: Preliminary MITF
Veronica Chudoba: Senior MITF
Lily Davidson: Pre-Juvenile MITF
Jillian Dompke: Juvenile MITF
Brooke Gentzen: Intermediate MITF
Lyse Hall Ochangco: Pre-Preliminary MITF
Emily Kastanes: Pre-Juvenile MITF
Maria Lemperis: Novice MITF
Maya Lessem Elnecave: Pre-Prelim. MITF
Laila Levy: Novice MITF
Mia Lezotte: Pre-Preliminary MITF
Leah Mason: Pre-Juvenile MITF
Jeannie Ng: Pre-Juvenile MITF
Alessandra Notter: Preliminary MITF
Darcy Rachel: Pre-Juvenile MITF
Iris Rau: Juvenile MITF
Paige Sekely: Adult Novice MITF 21+
Jazzy Soto: Juvenile MITF
Jelena Stankovic: Junior MITF
Sara Tantleff: Pre-Preliminary MITF
Mackayla Taylor: Pre-Preliminary MITF
Natalia Warnock: Pre-Juvenile MITF

Nov. & Dec. 2022: Free Skate tests
Chelsea Abimbola: Pre-Juvenile FS
Isha Lakshmanan: Preliminary FS
Nicole Nicpon: Pre-Juvenile FS w/ Honors
Theodora Rindner: Pre-Preliminary FS
Sakura Sodergren: Pre-Prelim. FS w/ Honors
Laila Torres: Pre-Preliminary FS w/ Honors


Adult Nationals
Larry Holliday – Adult Masters Junior-Senior Men’s Champion in 2002, 2003, 2004, & 2009

Adult Midwestern Sectionals
Zoi Doehrer – Adult Preliminary solo pattern dance, Gold medalist (2022)
Zoi Doehrer – Adult Pre-Bronze Ladies Freeskate, Bronze medalist (2022)
Zoi Doehrer – Adult Pre-Bronze solo pattern dance, Bronze medalist (2020)
Zoi Doehrer – Adult High Beginner Ladies Freeskate, Gold medalist (2020)

NSDS Final Qualifiers
Brianna Chang – 2019
Naomi Leadbeater – 2019
Grace Trudeau – 2019

Misc. qualifications
Shannon Jarhling: Ice Sheffield British National Qualifier 2019 – Sheffield, United Kingdom, Silver Medal