We are very proud of our skaters for their accomplishments!

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Senior Moves in the Field
Sara Grostern (2019)
Michelle Murphy (2019)
Hope Werstler (2018)
Naomi Leadbeater (2017)
Danielle Gilfoyle (2015)
Isabel Leadbeater (2014)
Shannon Jahrling (2011)
Taryn Zimmerman (2008)
Alyssa Blackwell (1997)

Adult Gold Moves in the Field
Karen Goedert (2011)
Michael Schlautman (2008)

Senior Free Dance
Eve Chalom (1995)

Senior Solo Free Dance
Naomi Leadbeater (2019)
Hope Werstler (2019)
Isabel Leadbeater (2017)

Gold Dance
Naomi Leadbeater (2019)
Shannon Jahrling (2014)
Alyssa Blackwell (1994)

International Dance
Shannon Jahrling (2019)
Alyssa Blackwell (2002)

Senior Free Skate
Larry Holliday (1985)

Adult Gold Free Skate
Bev Thurber (2006)  


Feb 2020: Dance tests
Katrina Furman – Willow Waltz
Katrina Furman – Ten-Fox
Katrina Furman – Fourteenstep
Katrina Furman – Bronze Dance
Julia Jankowski – Swing Dance
Julia Jankowski – Cha Cha
Julia Jankowski – Fiesta Tango
Julia Jankowski – Pre-Bronze Dance
Kayla Sirkin – Swing Dance
Kayla Sirkin – Cha Cha
Kayla Sirkin – Fiesta Tango
Kayla Sirkin – Pre-Bronze Dance

Jan 2020: Figures Tests
Bev Thurber – Adult Silver Figures

Feb 2020: MITF tests
Emilia Araya – Pre-Preliminary
Andrianna Bahriy – Preliminary
Alison Becker – Preliminary
Brooke Gentzen – Preliminary
Elyza Gonzalez – Preliminary
Sophie Harris – Novice
Chloe Haskins – Pre-Preliminary
Isabelle Hyde – Pre-Preliminary
Abby Kenen – Juvenile
Maddie Lezotte – Intermediate
Anna Morrill – Intermediate
Iris Rau – Pre-Preliminary
Heather Wheatley – Intermediate

Feb 2020: Free Skate tests
Kate Chapman – Pre-Preliminary
Madeline Fleming – Pre-Preliminary
Anya Lowe – Intermediate
Tea McKinney – Pre-Preliminary
Patrick O’Connor – Pre-Preliminary
Mikayla Pipes – Pre-Preliminary


Adult Midwestern Sectionals 2020
Zoi Doehrer – 3rd in Adult Pre-Bronze solo pattern dance
Zoi Doehrer – 1st in Adult High Beginner Ladies FS

NSDS Final 2019 Qualifiers
Brianna Chang
Naomi Leadbeater
Grace Trudeau

Misc. qualifications
Shannon Jarhling: Ice Sheffield British National Qualifier 2019 – Sheffield, United Kingdom, Silver Medal